Liberty Mutual Review

Offering easy access to support representatives, multiple claims filing options, and intuitive online tools, Liberty Mutual home insurance is clearly committed to customer service. Though financial ratings agencies give the company a slightly mixed outlook, Liberty Mutual remains a solid choice for many homeowners.

Multiple home and Auto insurance discounts

With one of the best selections of homeowner discounts in the industry, Liberty Mutual is an attractive option for bargain hunters. You can get an immediate price break if your home has been recently renovated or if it’s less than 13 years old. If you’ve just closed on a home, you’re in line for savings as long as you purchase a new policy within 60 days, a great deal for any new homeowner. You can earn further savings if you purchase an additional Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy or install protective devices in your home, such as sprinklers or smoke, fire, or burglar alarms. If you maintain your policy for a term of three years without making any claims, you’ll be rewarded with an additional discount. Liberty Mutual also offers partner discounts to members and employees of more than 14,000 different organizations and companies around the country.

Receive a quote online

The most successful online quote tools are easy to follow, detailed, and descriptive so you can provide the most up-to-date information that produces the most accurate quote. Liberty Mutual offers a very good quote tool that guides you through every step of the process. At each step, simple descriptions and illustrations enable you to clearly understand what you’re being asked to identify, whether it be the type of siding installed or the material of your roof. If you run into trouble, you can use the live chat functionality with a Liberty Mutual home insurance representative right in your browser window, which is a great feature not available from all providers. Though some quotes may require a telephone call to complete, in most cases you’ll be able to arrive at a final price that includes all applicable discounts.

24-hour emergency repair

While lots of home insurance companies offer 24-hour telephone access to claims representatives, Liberty Mutual goes above and beyond by providing 24-hour emergency repair service. If your home has sustained covered damage and you need immediate help to prevent further destruction, Liberty Mutual dispatches a professional to assist you at any given time. Furthermore, Liberty Mutual’s Contractor Network Referral Program facilitates the process of choosing a repair vendor by providing you information on reliable service providers, and they even guarantee the workmanship performed by that contractor for one year.

Useful and capable mobile app

The Liberty Mutual Mobile app provides full access to the Liberty Mutual policy management system, enabling you to access policy information, view and pay your bill, and instantly contact a claims representative. You can also initiate a new claim and collect pictures and voice notes to document any damage. The app can be improved by offering a guide to help you understand the claims process more comprehensively, but they do provide that resource on their website. Liberty Mutual also has a separate Home Gallery app to help you create an inventory of your personal belongings.

Diverse support options

Liberty Mutual home insurance offers a variety of options to get in touch with customer support services. You can speak to a claims representative around the clock, and a general sales and service representatives during daytime hours every day of the week. If you have a question but don’t need an immediate answer, try reaching out via Twitter or email.